The World's Colour showcases the photographic works by travel photographer Chris Leung. Based in Hong Kong, Chris travelled a lot in some remote parts of Asia such as Armenia, Georgia, Iran, Laos, Myanmar, Siberia, Tibet, Eastern Turkey as well as Yemen, to capture the unseen scenery of these forgotten lands. He holds an MSc in New Media from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His first photo exhibition The World's Colour was held in Seattle, US in June, 2012. Click here for the photos shown in the Seattle exhibition.

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The World's Colour photo collection

It looks like a land of snow covered with flowers, or like a prosperous city, yet without inhabitants. It could also be a thick forest, or, a lively village. I love looking for contrasts, and seeking similarities at the same time. Strong contrasts and soft colours are both fascinating to me. I have been to many places around the world. Sometimes when I am alone, scenes come together right in front of my eyes. It could be as surreal as flying an ancient Persian carpet in New York's Radio City Music Hall; tasting caviar from Russia and sipping barley wine from Tibet; spotting a Philippine stingray in a lake on the highlands of Southwest China. Right in the next moment, listening to a monk telling stories in Angkor Wat; running into pirates in the Gulf of Aden, and witnessing a volcano erupting in Indonesia, and then travelling back to the London street, riding my Lao elephant. The collision of these images brings me new discoveries in familiar places, yet also shows me familiar images in strange places.

In this boundless exploration, I find, dream lives.

The colours of a mountain

Dead end / Keep going

Explore the extreme

Rediscover the classic scene / Discover a new perspective to the classic scene

Wedding one / Wedding two

Stay innocent

A living religion / An ancient belief

A melting heart / A changing heart

Do you still believe? / Yes, I still believe.

Infinity / Bounded infinity

This 96-page album consists of 86 photos taken in Cambodia, China, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Laos, the Philippines, Russia, Thailand, the United States and Yemen.




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